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International Polar Days

Skin diver under sea ice, Antarctica (Photo: AWI)

In response to journalists and educators wanting an ‘angle’ on the extremely broad International Polar Year, quarterly International Polar Days are being planned that focus on a particular aspect of polar research. These days will include press releases, background information, access to experts, links to images and video, educational and community activities, and connection to researchers in the field.

More about the International Polar Days... 



Breaking the Ice...

Students and teachers from all corners of the world will mark the official start of the International Polar Year by jointly releasing virtual balloons while, simultaneously, learning about the interactions between ice and sea. Materials and information about Breaking the ice


You can view and download plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents at http://www.scotese.com/

Here you can find a compilation of links to teaching resources, described and assessed by teacher Louise Huffmann:



and more under http://www.ipy.org/index.php?/ipy/audience/C27


Teaching resources on the Arctic can be found on Arcticnet (English and French language).


Please let us know if you tested some of these materials in your class! If you did any translations into German, we would be grateful to provide this material to other teachers. Please contact Rainer Lehmann on this.