Principles and main characteristics of IPY activities

At the 88th meeting of the ICSU Executive Board in February 2004 it was decided, to promote the IPY jointly with the WMO and to found a joint coordination committee for IPY activities.

The general principles on which the IPY 2007/08 shall be based:

  • An intense programme of international co-ordinated polar observations and analysis, which can not be carried out without cooperation
  • The exploration of significant scientific questions,
  • To establish a foundation for scientific long-term programmes
  • The utilisation and extension of existing programmes and inititatives including existing technologies
  • The recruitment and education of the next generation of polar scientists,
  • The involvement of media and the public.

The main characteristics of IPY:

  • Visionary and inspiring projects,
  • Challenging but feasible projects,
  • International co-operation to maximise scientific results,
  • Multi-disciplinary projects including human sciences.