How do students think about the polar areas of the world?

Art contest for elementary, middle and high school levels.

Subjects may include: people, animals and plants, landscapes, rocks, ice, oceans, the sky….
The artistic technique (e.g. drawing, painting, collage) may be chosen freely.
The project should be two-dimensionally presentable and no larger than A3 format.

The contest is part of the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007/09. During the IPY, scientific studies are conducted through collaborative international projects investigating the role of polar regions on Earth, especially with regard to global climate. Germany contributes to the Polar Year with many scientific programmes (

Winners of the contest will participate in the opening ceremony of the International Polar Year on March 1, 2007 in Berlin. See the results...
The best pieces from the contest will be exhibited at the IPY opening. Additional prizes include books about the polar regions.

The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2007.

The contest is hosted by the German Commission for the International Polar Year and by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.

Informations, contact and address for the pictures:

Dr. Martina Kunz-Pirrung   
Alfred Wegener Institut   
27568 Bremerhaven   
Tel: 0471-4831-1236  


Dr. Rainer Lehmann
Freie Waldorfschule Hannover-Bothfeld
Weidkampshaide 17
30659 Hannover
Tel: 0511-647590