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To the internet site of the German Commission for the International Polar Year 2007/08.

These pages provide a resource for scientists, media and for everyone interested in the research programmes and activities of the Polar Year.
Explore how climate works and which mysteries are preserved in everlasting ice!

News from the polar areas

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Drescher-Station zur Untersuchung des Nahrungs- und Tauchverhaltens sowie der Akustik von Weddelrobben, ANT XXI/2 (Foto:Simon/Simon/Alfred-Wegener-Institut)

Official end of the International Polar Year

March 1st 2009 marks the official end of the International Polar Year 2007/2008.

The German closing event of this large-scale international initiative took place on the 27th of February 2009 in Bremerhaven.

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