Germany's research topics during the International Polar Year 2007/08

As one of the leading countries in international polar research, Germany provides a wide range of infrastructure, the land-based research stations in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as the research vessel -Polarstern- and two scientific polar aircrafts. Supported by a wide range of technical equipment, dedicated German scientists from universities and independent research institutions will contribute significantly to the IPY 2007/08.

The German contribution is coordinated by the German Commission for the International Polar Year.


Universities and institutes from all over Germany are contributing to the Polar Year. Here you can find a list of the participating institutions.

Transportation of polar researchers and their equipment to the polar regions continues to be a major logistical challenge. Here you can find out more about ships and research stations in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Throughout a series of discussions, German polar researchers of all disciplines have identified four research areas which will be particularly facilitated by Germany’s contribution to the International Polar Year 2007/08. One aspect, for instance, is the exploration of yet unknown geographical regions, another one is the development of innovative technologies….

To the focal topics…